Sunday, April 27, 2008

What is happening to the Failing Schools?

In numerous impoverished schools around the country students labor diligently to increase their test scores, but the students have failed to meet federal testing benchmarks under the No Child Left Behind Act. Prompted by a campaign to turn around persistently low standardized test scores, schools are working hard to evolve and improve at providing education. But these same schools are facing escalating sanctions and come closer to being shut down or totally overhauled, with their teachers and administrators replaced.

These are more than just failing schools. They are schools where parents, teachers, students, and principals, are pulling together and working to rebuild the school system. These are schools showing glimmers of progress. The New York Times. These are schools that want to educate children, but need more economic support and resources. If nothing changes with NCLB, what is going to happen to these schools? Although there is not an easy solution, this needs to be debated about in the presidential campaign. How can we get the candidates talking?

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