Monday, May 26, 2008

Presidential Candidates Must Talk More About Education!

A call to all 2008 presidential candidates, you must talk more about education. Our schools are falling behind and are making little progress to keep up. Ohio is a perfect example of what is happening all across the Country. About 40,000 Ohio students will fail to graduate with their peers this spring, a dropout rate that will cost the state an estimated $10.6 billion in lost wages, taxes and productivity. If we don’t do something about this the U.S. is going down, and we will not be able to maintain our standard of living.

This is a crucial issue that is not getting enough airtime. The topic of education has been overshadowed by the economy, war, health care and gas prices.

Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John McCain, wake-up! Will you push education to the forefront? Will you make education a national priority? Will you elevate the discussion of education and have a vigorous and thorough dialogue about education reform?

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